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With average highs of 21 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of zero degrees during January, Minneapolis is a tough place to be during the winter months. The cold weather can cause plumbing and sewer system issues, so you need to be prepared. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your home safe from winter plumbing problems and prevent issues. Implementing a few preparatory tricks and techniques ahead of time can help save you from a major plumbing repair later on.

Be sure to use these winter plumbing tips for sewer system protection in Minneapolis, MN.

Add Home Insulation

To protect your home sewer system from the cold during the winter months, add plenty of home insulation. Install insulation around pipes to provide extra protection from freezing and do everything you can to keep your plumbing system warm. 

Pay attention to vulnerable areas and be sure to insulate pipes that are in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and exposed areas. Insulating your pipes will help you avoid problems and give you the best chance of having a carefree winter in Minneapolis.

Weatherproof the Essentials

In addition to taking the above steps, prep your home for the winter months by sealing gaps and cracks and winterizing irrigation and sprinkler systems. You should also ensure that your water heater and all heating equipment are in working order.

Taking a close look at doors, windows, gaps in walls and floors can be helpful. Making necessary fixes and adjustments can help you keep warm air in while ensuring the cold air stays outside and doesn’t cause problems with your home plumbing.

Raise the Temperature

To protect your pipes and sewer system, keep your home warm at all times. Consider leaving the heat on if you’re going to be away from your home for several days. At a minimum, your home should stay at about 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the chances that your pipes will freeze. 

Also, open interior doors to ensure adequate airflow to spaces in your home that aren’t commonly used.

Keep a Faucet On

To prevent pipes from freezing during the winter, remember to leave a faucet on. If it’s going to be cold overnight, leaving a slow drip going will help keep your pipes active and prevent them from freezing.

Stationary water is a big problem and may expand over a longer time period. If you’re going to be out of the house or asleep, leaving a faucet running will help to protect your pipes. 

Avoiding a Major Plumbing Repair

If you want to avoid a major plumbing repair during the winter, prepare your home well. Be sure to improve insulation and seal gaps and cracks. You should also keep your home warm and leave your faucet dripping during the coldest nights of the year.

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